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I´m the lucky one

You know that saying calm before the storm?... at a wedding the calm comes after the storm and the storm isn’t so much a storm it’s more a rollercoasters of emotions the calm comes when you walk down the aisle and set your eyes on each other.

Then you get this moment of calm, everything seems like it’s on hold for a moment no one else on the planet exists except the person that you’re staring at.. it’s not often that you get moments like those, but as a photographer I get to witness them often...

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Yes! On hot summer days in the warmer climates weddings sometimes start much later which means that with a half day packages they can still cover the full wedding!


No.. Although I do think video is a beautiful way to remember the day, put me in touch with your team I´d love to work with them!


No... I need you to trust that I will be giving your wedding my 100%, and if I am working of a list I will be focusing my attention on photographing things that I was most likely going to photograph anyways. Trust me! :)


Marta & Marcos

Claudia!!! We couldn´t have been more excited when we received our slideshow! The pictures are so beautiful and you´ve managed to capture it all and we hardly even noticed you were there! I have to admit there were moments that I worried cause I couldn´t see you and I thought there was something worth capturing and now seeing the photos I see you really haven´t missed a heartbeat! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! We are just so Happy!!

G & A.

Gretchen & Alex

Gretchen and I recently moved into a new apartment in the San Francisco bay area. One of the first things we unpacked were our wedding pictures. Some of our current favorites are proudly displayed in the entryway of our home so that they are the first thing we see when we come home. Each picture brings a rush of memories of the smiles, laughter, hugs and tears of joy that filled our special day. Somehow, you managed to highlight the candid moments of perfection amongst the chaos and excitement of our wedding day. The pictures so closely match our own memories that we cannot help but be transported back into the moment every time.

My favorite picture has shifted between the picture from inside the church looking out at us on the steps celebrating our first moments as a married couple, to the kiss by the water with Gretchen’s veil blowing in the wind slightly obscuring the camera, to throwing back a shot with my groomsmen in the streets of New York. We cannot thank you enough for capturing our most favorite memories so clearly and with such a personal touch.

I should note that your pictures made my Aunt Linda a local celebrity, she managed to find her way into a prominent place in some of our most favorite pictures. We love her dearly, and had no idea that she had such a talent for “photo-bombing.” In a good way of course!

Thank you so much! We look forward to seeing you soon.
Alex (and Gretchen)

D & J

Team Hunt

Thank you so so much for your amazing efforts with our Wedding Photos. Yesterday was a little bit nuts for Jode & I so apologies if we were acting like weirdlings.
When we were first talking about photography for our wedding, I have to admit that I had it fairly low down my list of priorities. Weird, as you know my own mum is so into it and I have inherited a little passion for it myself (well looking at photos and saying they are good or shit :)) I think my apathy was based on having seen so many tired, staid wedding photos and watched so many ceremonys get the life sucked out of them by shit photographers and families pining after this really formal, pointles, traditional version of what your photos should look like on the day.
I can't tell you how glad I am that Jodie contacted with you and that you have been courageous enough to pursue your passion. I feel so so sorry for people who get wedding photos that don't capture their wedding so perfectly as yours did ours. Yes we are that glamorous! You have totally changed our minds (my mind) about how important the photographers role is in a marriage, how important it is to get it right as you have so spectacularly.
When we look at the photos and we feel how we felt on the day and that is something which we never thought we would get back and is priceless. Last night after we watched the slideshow for the 18th time, I was just getting my head round the fact that your work is literally the one thing that we will have to remember our wedding by. After the memories fade, what we will remember, what we believe, will be your version, your pictures! Crazy ain't it? It's a big job but I can see why you love it so much, it's an honour right?


J & D

Team Hunt

Aside from the beautiful outcome, thank you both for listening and truly immersing yourself in our vision of the wedding and bringing your special talents to it.

I just wanted to try to express a little bit of how getting the photos has made us feel. Jode and I are just right back in that unbelievable bubble that we were in on the day. As we have been sending out the media to friends and families there have been tears and so many smiles and I know it's the same for them too, Jodie's Dad rang her crying from his desk at work hahaha loser hahaha.

see you soon

Team Hunt